January 2023


Dear ITEM Friends, As a pastor, I can remember listening to some advice from an experienced pastor. That piece of advice was, “The one who plays the game makes the rules.” The principle is this. If you have some suggestions to make about how things could or should be, be sure are on the team playing in the game first. Another principle I learned was that there needs to be a balance between responsibility and authority. In other words, the more responsibility someone must see a project to completion, the more “say so” they should have on how the project should be completed. Both of those were at play today in the meeting with the ITEM team in Madagascar. It was a spectacular day. One of the most spectacular planning sessions I have had with any ITEM team in the 19 years of ITEM’s existence.

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Hard Worship

After almost 40 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Bhubaneswar, which is known as the “City of Temples.” While we made it unscathed, I cannot say the same for my brand-new luggage, which suffered significant damage to one of the wheel rollers making it difficult to roll. But despite this minor annoyance, it was

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Hello, World!

I’m excited to commence my travel schedule for 2023 with a trip to India and Tanzania. Even more exciting is that one of my dear friends and ITEM Associate Trainer Caleb Hilbert is with me. Caleb pastors one of the great churches in the Pacific Northwest called Lewis and Clark Bible Church in Astoria, Oregon.

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